The Dilemma

World Refugee Day - 20 June 2012

The  1 CAMPAIGN  that started in 2011 continues.
The overarching message in 2012 is:
          1 family torn apart by war is too many - YOU can help refugees rebuild their lives. 

As the next phase of the 1 Concept, UNHCR has developed a new campaign called the "Dilemma campaign." The aim is to increase public understanding of why refugees need their help. The “Dilemma” campaign compels audiences to consider the same life-or-death decisions a refugee is forced to make when they decide to flee - building empathy for the distinct horrors of refugee flight and the compelling need for protection. The “Dilemma campaign" has four main flight scenarios/posters.

Each scenario asks the audience to contemplate: “WHAT WOULD YOU DO?”
  • Human smuggling:“Stay and risk death in a war zone?” OR “Chance everything at the hands of human smugglers?”

  • Forced recruitment: “Risk being forced to fight and kill your own people?” OR “Risk death trying to escape?”

  • Family separation: “Face death in a war zone?” OR “Escape but leave a child behind?”

  • UNHCR has also developed a more generic scenario which asks:
    ”Stay and risk your life in the conflict?” OR “Flee and risk rape, torture or worse?”

UNHCR Canada will distribute to agencies organizing events a limited quantity of WRD promotional materials.
Requests for materials or further information can be sent to